Yiheh ! Welcome !

Kwe aweti’,
Welcome to the Wendat language website.

This website features a Wendat dictionary containing vocabulary and common phrases translated into both English and French. Each vocabulary word and phrase is accompanied by its definition, pronunciation, and examples to help you use it correctly. Images and audio clips have been added to many of these entries (more to come!). Interactive games for the entire family are available under the «Interactive games» tab. They will help you memorize the vocabulary from various themes in a playful way.Lessons for beginners and intermediate learners are available under the ‘Lessons and exercises’ tab in order to learn certain vocabulary words and grammar points as well as evaluate your progress.

The purpose of this website is to bring together all the Wendat vocabulary that has been reconstructed and standardized to date and make it accessible to all, thereby promoting the revitalization of the Wendat language.

The website and online dictionary currently includes:

  • more than 600 vocabulary words (nouns, verbs, particles) and common phrases translated in both official languages (English and French);
  • more than 300 images;
  • more than 300 audio clips to hear and learn how words are pronounced;
  • over 20 lessons, each of which includes downloadable exercises to practice your Wendat and evaluate your progress (answer keys are also available for each exercise).
  • 20 interactive games.

Please check back here often, as more entries and multimedia content (audio and images) will be continually added to the site. Furthermore, since the Wendat language is constantly changing and is subject to ongoing linguistic research, some entries may be modified over time.

Wendat kwatatiahtah! Let’s speak Wendat!