Wendat kwawennontahkwih « We all speak wendat, we have the voice of the wendat nation »

Lessons and exercises

This section contains lessons on topics such as numbers, colors, commands (or imperatives), time and hours of the day, and body parts. There are also lessons to learn how to count objects and animals, to name them, and to assign monetary values to objects. These lessons include a brief explanation of the grammar and vocabulary involved as well as multiple exercises to practice your Wendat language skills. The answers to these exercises are included at the end of the lesson so that you can evaluate your progress.

Some lessons are prerequisites to others. For example, it is recommended to complete the lessons on numbers before attempting the lesson about money and value. To help guide you in your language learning, a list of the lessons along with their prerequisites is available below.


A. Tho iwayeh? (1) ‘How many are there?’ (Part 1)         Prerequisites : none
B. Tho iwayeh? (2) ‘How many are there?’ (Part 2)         Prerequisites : A
C. Tho iwayeh? (3) ‘How many are there?’ (Part 3)         Prerequisites : A, B
D. Tho iwayeh? (4) ‘How many are there?’ (Part 4)         Prerequisites : A, B, C
E. Ta’oht iwahsohkou’tenh? (1) ‘What colour is it?’ (Part 1) Prerequisites: none
F. Ta’oht iwahsohkou’tenh? (2) ‘What colour is it?’ (Part 2) Prerequisites : A à E
G. Tho ïohwihsta’eh? (1)   ‘What time is it?’ (Part 1)    Prerequisites : A, B
H. Tho ïohwihsta’eh? (2) ‘What time is it?’ (Part 2)    Prerequisites : A, B, G
I. Ta’oht ihchiatierha’? ‘What are you (sg.) doing?’ Prerequisites: none
Ta’oht itsatierha’?
‘What are you two doing?’ 
Prerequisites : none
  Ta’oht iskwatierha’? What are you all doing?’ Prerequisites : none
K. Ta’oht itiatierha’? ‘What are we (you and I) doing?’ Prerequisites : none
L. Ta’oht ikwatierha’?        ‘What are we all doing?’     Prerequisites : none
M. Ta’oht iwentou’tenh?   ‘What’s the weather like?’ Prerequisites: none
N. Ta’oht a’wentou’tenhk? ‘What was the weather like?’            Prerequisites: none
O. Ta’oht ewentou’tenhk?                ‘What will the weather be like?’       Prerequisites: none
P. Ta’ohten’ yäatsih? (1)    ‘What do you call this?’ (Part 1)           Prerequisites: none
Q. Ta’ohten’ yäatsih? (2)    ‘What do you call this?’ (Part 2) Prerequisites: none
R. Ndiaweron iwentou’tenh?         ‘Which day of the week is it?’                   Prerequisites: none
S. Ndiaweron a’wentou’tenhk? ‘Which day of the week was it?’ Prerequisites: none
T. Ndiaweron ewentou’tenhk? ‘Which day of the week will it be?’        Prerequisites: none
U. Ta’oht ïoerha’? ‘How much is it worth?’      Prerequisites: A, B, C