• Translationto wash one’s hands
    Part of speechverb base
    Semantic categorydaily routine
    See also
    -ohare-"to wash (something)"
    -ahtsohare-"to wash one’s hands; the wash the palms of one’s hands"
    Sakonhresohareh!"Wash your hands (2SG)!"
Sakonhresohareh![sa-konh-re-so-HA-reh]Wash your hands (2SG)!
Tsakonhresohareh![tsa-konh-re-so-HA-reh]Wash your hands (2PL)!
Ayakonhresohareh.[a-ya-konh-re-so-HA-reh]I have washed my hands.
Ehchiakonhresohare’ i?[eh-chia-konh-re-so-ha-re’ i]Will you wash your hands (2SG)?
Ahakonhresohare’.[a-ha-konh-re-so-HA-re’]He washed his hands; he just washed his hands.
Yakonhresoharehk.[ya-konh-re-so-HA-rehk]I wash my hands; I’m washing my hands.
Conjugation Classa-radical
Verb Classactif avec conséquence
Morphological Analysis-at-konhres-ohare-
Morphological Gloss-MID-main-laver-
Grammar Notes
Aspect MoodHabitualStativePerfectiveImpérativePurposive
Pronominal Prefixesagentpatientagentagent impératif--
Approximate Translationse laver les mains habituellement; être en train de se laver les mainss’être lavé les mains et il y a un effet au moment présentse laver les mains à un moment précisdonner l’ordre à quelqu’un de se laver les mains--