• Translationto be immobile, stopped, still, resting, stable; for a matter to be concluded, settled
    Part of speechverb base
    Semantic categoryemotions and states
    See also
    -ia’tahrenhwi-"for the body to be immobile, stopped, still, at rest"
    -rihwahrenhwi-"for a thing, matter to be concluded, settled, decided, emptied"
    -hrenhwi’-/-hrenhwih-/-hrenhwi’nd-"to become immobile, to make still, to stop, to fix in one place, to conclude, to determine "
Ohrenhwih.[oh-RENH-wih]It’s still, stopped, at rest.
Conjugation ClassC-radical
Verb Classstatif
Morphological Analysis
Morphological Gloss
Grammar Notes
Aspect MoodHabitualStativePerfectiveImpérativePurposive
Pronominal Prefixes---patient------
Approximate Translation---être immobile------