• Translationto lose something
    Part of speechverb base
    Semantic categoryeveryday life, objects and tools
    See also
    -ahton-"for something to get lost, get mislaid, get destroyed, get forgotten, disappear, dissipate, get erased, get abolished"
    -ahton’t-"to cause something to get lost, to cause something to disappear, to destroy or get rid of something"
Ayahtondih.[a-yah-TON-ndih]I have lost it.
Ayahtondinen’.[a-yah-ton-NDI-nen’]I had lost this.
Sahtondih i?[sah-ton-ndih i]Have you (2SG) lost it?
Ohtondihk.[oh-TON-ndihk]She loses things; she’s losing this.
Ehohton’.[e-HOH-ton’]He will lose it.
Conjugation Classa-radical
Verb Classactif avec conséquence
Morphological Analysis-ahton-ndi-
Morphological Gloss-se.perdre-BEN-
Grammar Notes
Aspect MoodHabitualStativePerfectiveImpérativePurposive
Pronominal Prefixespatientpatientpatient---
Approximate Translationperdre quelque chose habituellement; être en train de perdre quelque choseavoir perdu quelque chose et il y a un effet au moment présentperdre quelque chose à un moment précis ---