-ou’ten- + PART

  • Translationto be a type of, a kind of, a sort of, a manner of some quality or thing
    Part of speechverb base
    Semantic categoryqualities
    NoteThis verb always takes the partitive prepronominal prefix.
    See also
    -entou’ten- + PART"for the day’s weather to be a certain type or kind"
    -ia’tou’ten- + PART"for a person, animal or body to be a certain form or of a certain way, either externally or internally (one’s nature, one’s character or temperament, one’s morals, etc.)"
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Conjugation Classdépend du nom incorporé
Verb Classstatif
Morphological Analysis
Morphological Gloss
Grammar NotesCe verbe doit toujours avoir un nom incorporé.
Aspect MoodHabitualStativePerfectiveImpérativePurposive
Pronominal Prefixes---agent------
Approximate Translation---être de tel type actuellement------