-entou’ten- + PART

  • Translationfor the day’s weather to be a certain type or kind
    Part of speechverb base
    Semantic categoryweather, qualities
    NoteThis verb always takes the partitive prepronominal prefix.
    See also
    -ou’ten- + PART"to be a type of, a kind of, a sort of, a manner of some quality or thing"
Ta’oht iwentou’tenh?[ta’-oht i-wen-TOU’-tenh]What type of day is it? What’s the weather like?
Ta’oht a’wentou’tenhk?[ta’-oht a’-wen-TOU’-tenhk]What type of day was it? What was the weather like?
Ta’oht ewentou’tenhk?[ta’-oht e-wen-TOU’-tenhk]What type of day will it be? What will the weather be like?
Conjugation Classen-radical
Verb Classstatif
Morphological Analysis-ent-ouʔten-
Morphological Gloss-jour-être.tel.type-
Grammar Notes
Aspect MoodHabitualStativePerfectiveImpérativePurposive
Pronominal Prefixes---agent------
Approximate Translation---être tel type de jour actuellement------