• Translationsmoke, mist, fog, vapour
    Part of speechnoun
    Semantic categorycolours, nature
    Nominal radical-shat-
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    oushata’ ïohtih"brown (lit. it is like smoke)"
    -shataen-/-shataent-"for there to be fog, for it to be foggy"
    -shaten’-/-shatenh-/-shaten’nd-"for there to be a light fog or mist (lit. for fog or mist to fall)"
  • "Eyjafjallajökull Road Trip 2010"; © 2010. Neil MacWilliams. Utilisée sous licence Creative commons (CC BY-ND 2.0) Source: Flickr
oushata’ ïohtih[ou-sha-ta’ i-OH-tih]brown (lit. it is like smoke)
Conjugation ClassC-radical
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