oushata’ ïohtih

  • Translationbrown (lit. it is like smoke)
    Part of speechsentence/phrase
    Semantic categorycolours
    See also
    oushata’ "smoke, mist, fog, vapour"
    ïohtih"it’s like the other; it’s similar; it is such; it is so"
    -iht- + PART"to be such a way; to be in such a manner; to be so"
  • Listen "Eyjafjallajökull Road Trip 2010"; © 2010. Neil MacWilliams. Utilisée sous licence Creative commons (CC BY-ND 2.0) Source: Flickr"pens-1743305"; @?. Neupaddy/41 photos. CCO Public Domain. Source: Pixabay.
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