-iht- + PART

  • Translationto be such a way; to be in such a manner; to be so
    Part of speechverb base
    Semantic categoryqualities
    NoteThis verb always takes the partitive prepronominal prefix.
    See also
    -iht- + COIN & DUPL"to be one like the other; for one and the other to be equal; to be similar"
    ïohtih"it’s like the other; it’s similar; it is such; it is so"
ïohtih[i-OH-tih]it is so
Tho ïohtih.[tho i-OH-tih]It is such a way; so it is.
Tho ïohtihatie’.[tho i-oh-ti-HA-tie’]It is always the same; it is always so.
Conjugation Classi-radical
Verb Classstatif
Morphological Analysis
Morphological Gloss
Grammar Notes
Aspect MoodHabitualStativePerfectiveImpérativePurposive
Pronominal Prefixes---patient------
Approximate Translation---être ainsi actuellement------