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Words that begin with : I
-ias-/-iats-verb baseto sing
-iayenhch-/-iayenhchr-verb baseto go to the bathroom (lit. to be on one's way to go out)
-iayenʼ-/-iayenh-/-iayenʼnd-verb baseto go out, to come out
-ia’tahchondi-verb baseto dress or adorn someone; to paint someone’s body
-ia’tahndiri-verb baseto be someone who is strong, robust, vigorous, in good health
-ia’tahrenhwi-verb basefor the body to be immobile, stopped, still, at rest
-ia’tahrenhwi’-/-ia’tahrenhwih-/-ia’tahrenhwi’nd-verb basefor the body to become immobile, stopped, still, at rest
-ia’tahton-verb baseto lose one’s way; to make a mistake
-ia’taten-verb baseto stop (one’s body)
-ia’taye- + PART/DUPLverb baseto be so many people or animals; to be so many bodies
-ia’ta’tariha’t-verb baseto have a fever (lit. for one’s body to be hot)
-ia’tou’ten- + PARTverb basefor a person, animal or body to be a certain form or of a certain way, either externally or internally (one’s nature, one’s character or temperament, one’s morals, etc.)
-ia’traw-verb baseto choose someone or some animal among a group; to take out someone or some animal; to remove someone or some animal from a group, from the rest
-ie-verb baseto wake up
-ier- + PARTverb baseto do or perform a certain action; to do something in a certain way; to occupy oneself with some action, either of body or of mind; to treat someone well or poorly through words or actions; to treat oneself in a certain manner, either poorly or well
-iera’t-verb baseto use something to make or do something else
-ienhwi-verb baseto know how to do something; to have the necessary knowledge, ability, skill and the power to see to it until the end
-ienhwi’-/-ienhwih-/-ienhwi’nd-verb baseto learn how to do something; to execute a task after having learned how to do something
-iheon-/-ihe-verb baseto die; to be dying; to be gravely ill
-ihr-/-ir-verb baseto drink something
-iht- + PARTverb baseto be such a way; to be in such a manner; to be so
-iht- + COIN & DUPLverb baseto be one like the other; for one and the other to be equal; to be similar
inde’cha’particlemaybe, apparently
ïohtihparticleit’s like the other; it’s similar; it is such; it is so
ïohwihstayehparticleto be so many cents (when counting)
ïohwihsta’ehparticlefor the bell to have rung so many times (to tell time)
-ion-verb baseto enter, to arrive at some place
iskare’particleso many units more (when counting)
iskwahsenhchare’particleto be so many tens more (when counting)
iskwen’ndia’wehchare’particleto be so many hundreds more
-itiohkou’ten- + PARTverb baseto be of a certain clan
iwahcharayehparticleto be so many thousands (lit. to be so many wampum belts)
iwahsenhparticleso many tens (when counting)
iyäa’tayehparticleto be so many bodies; to be so many people or animals
iyändehwayehparticleto be so many dollars (when counting)
iyarihwayehparticleto be so many things, matters
Iyehs.sentence/phraseI wake up; I'm waking up.
Iye’s.sentence/phraseI walk around.
Iyionhk ekw aye ’n iänihtändihkeh.sentence/phraseI arrive at the place I work.
Iyirha’.sentence/phraseI drink (some liquid); I'm drinking (some liquid).