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Words that begin with : A
ahaha’nounpath, trail
ahchara’nounwampum belt
-ahchondi-verb baseto get dressed, to prepare oneself, to adorn oneself
-ahchondiaw-verb baseto undress oneself
-ahkwat-/-ahkwa-verb baseto be windy, for there to be wind
-ahronk-/-ahrony-verb baseto hear; to hear someone speaking, talking or telling about something; to understand what someone is saying
-ahronton-verb baseto ask someone a question, to question someone
ahsenh ha’tewen’ndia’wehsentence/phraseone thousand (lit. ten hundreds)
Ahskennon’nia ihchie’s?sentence/phraseHow are you (2SG) doing? (lit. are you in peace or are you going in peace?)
Ahskennon’nia iye’s.sentence/phraseI’m doing well (lit. I’m in peace or I’m going in peace)
-ahsohkou’ten- + PARTverb baseto be a certain colour
ahsohkwa’nouncolour, pigment, dye
ahsonh o’rahwi’yehsentence/phraseit's morning (lit. it is still nighttime)
ahsonta’nounnight, nighttime
ahsonthenhkparticlemidnight (lit. the middle of the night)
-ahtsohare-verb baseto wash one’s hands; the wash the palms of one’s hands
-ahton-verb basefor something to get lost, get mislaid, get destroyed, get forgotten, disappear, dissipate, get erased, get abolished
-ahtondi-/-ahton-verb baseto lose something
-ahton’t-verb baseto cause something to get lost, to cause something to disappear, to destroy or get rid of something
ahtsa’nounthe palm of the hand; the inside of the hand
-ahtsi’ratay-verb baseto be cloudy
-akenh-verb baseto get up out of bed
-aken’se-verb baseto look at, examine, or consider something or someone
-akonhchiohare-verb baseto wash one’s face
-akonhresohare-verb baseto wash one’s hands
-akwendahchondi-verb baseto prepare what one will say, to prepare one’s speech or talk
-akwendahton’t-verb baseto become quiet; to keep quiet (lit. to make one’s voice get lost)
-akwendotraht-/-akwendotrat-verb baseto talk on the telephone (lit. to make one's voice travel)
-akwendotrahtändi-/-akwendotrahten-verb baseto speak to someone on the telephone (lit. to make one's voice travel toward someone)
änen’enhsentence/phrasemy mother (lit. she is mother to me)
aoskway oskwahra’sentence/phrasemoose hair
-arahskw-verb baseto leave, to leave to go somewhere else, to advance along a path
-arahtat-/-arahta- + DUPLverb baseto run, to flee, to run away from someone
-arat-verb baseto lie down
-arhon-verb baseto rest
astehparticleoutdoors; outside
Asteh yiayen’s.sentence/phraseI go outside; I'm going outside.
-astorat-verb baseto hurry up, to rush to leave, to do or say something
-atahronton-verb baseto inform oneself of something; to inform oneself about someone (e.g. to ask about someone’s health)
-atahrontonhnd-/-atahrontonhn-verb baseto inform oneself of something; to inform oneself about someone (e.g. to ask about someone’s health)
-atate’ndiara’s-/-atate’ndiara’senni-verb baseto help one another, to help each other
-atati-verb baseto speak, to speak to someone
-atawan-verb baseto take a bath, to bathe oneself; to go in the water
-atehchienht-/-atehchient-verb baseto be bad weather
-ate’skonhchiohare-verb baseto brush one’s teeth
-atenhndinon-verb baseto buy or sell something; to want to buy something, to ask to purchase something, to buy something and consequently sell something else
-atenro-verb baseto be friends
-aten’ndiyonhrahchondi-verb baseto prepare one’s mind, to prepare mentally
-athor-verb baseto be cold weather
-athorat-verb baseto get cold (bodily and meteorologically)
atho’yeh on’wati’ etiohkwatsentence/phrasethe north wind (lit. the wind is from the side where it is cold)
atiaren’ta’nounpumpkin flower
atiaren’ta’ ïohtihsentence/phraseyellow (lit. it is like a pumpkin flower)
-atia’tahchondi-verb baseto adorn oneself, to dress up
-atia’tahton’t-verb baseto escape, to hide, to disappear (lit. to make one’s body get lost)
-atia’tatase-verb baseto turn one’s body; to turn around
-atia’ta’tariha’t-verb baseto make oneself warm
-atia’tohare-verb baseto wash oneself; to wash one’s body
-atia’traw-verb baseto withdraw oneself from others; to leave, abandon or renounce a certain group or place
-atier- + PARTverb baseto do or perform a certain action, either of body or of mind
-atien-verb baseto sit down, to place or put oneself somewhere
atïio’particlewild animals (lit. they are killed)
atishënen’ahparticledomesticated animals (lit. they are domesticated animals)
atitie’sparticlebirds (lit. they fly)
atoyen’nounax, hatchet
ato’kha’particlecranberry, cranberries
-ato’tsindeht-/-ato’tsindet- + DUPLverb baseto ice-skate; to skate around on ice-skates
-aton-/-en-/-ihon-/-ihaon-verb baseto say something
-atrahkwa’tariha’t-verb baseto heat oneself in the sun
-atraw-verb baseto leave a path or trail; to deviate from one’s course; to move or turn away from a path; to take another route; to separate from one another on a path, each one taking a different way
-atriho’t-verb baseto be attentive
-atriho’tat-verb baseto listen, to pay attention
-atrihwahchondi-verb baseto prepare one’s matters or affairs, to make one’s affairs ready
-atsa’tänion-verb baseto eat a meal, to have a meal
aweyari’particle(fruit) juice
awe’rohchia’nounhair (on head)
awen’nounwater, liquid
Ayakwahstih.sentence/phraseI'm happy; I'm doing well.
-aye-/-ye- + PART/DUPLverb baseto be so many of something; for there to be so many in number; to be so many times
Aye’niänihtändihk.sentence/phraseI work; I'm working (lit. I am occupied with some task).
aye’yen’ahsentence/phrasemy older sister (lit. she is sister to me)
Ayita’s.sentence/phraseI fall asleep; I'm falling asleep.
ayohchiatenhkparticlehorse (lit. it carries one on its back)
ayotia’torihparticlecoat; riding coat (lit. one's body is covered)
ayrahahksentence/phrasemy paternal aunt (lit. she is paternal aunt to me)
-a’tarih-verb basefor something to be hot
-a’tariha’t-verb baseto be hot (weather); to be hot (person); to heat something