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afterafter, behind; from now on, from then onde awehskwahksentence/phrase
againagain, one more timewa’ thosentence/phrase
aheadto go ahead, to lead, to go first-hent-/-hente-verb base
animalwild animals (lit. they are killed)atïio’particle
animaldomesticated animals (lit. they are domesticated animals)atishënen’ahparticle
animalpet; domesticated animal (lit. it is a domesticated animal)yashënen’ahparticle
animalwild animal (lit. it is killed)yaio’particle
appleapple(s) (lit. a big fruit)tsohiowänenhparticle
approveto approve something; to remark something in particular; to reflect on something; to pay attention to something in particular-rihwaraw-verb base
arriveI arrive at the place I work.Iyionhk ekw aye ’n iänihtändihkeh.sentence/phrase
askto ask someone a question, to question someone-ahronton-verb base
attentiveto be attentive-atriho’t-verb base
auntmy paternal aunt (lit. she is paternal aunt to me)ayrahahksentence/phrase
autumnautumn, fallyänenda’yehparticle
axax, hatchetatoyen’noun
badto be bad weather-atehchienht-/-atehchient-verb base
barrelbarrel, drumya’ndahkwa’noun
batheto take a bath, to bathe oneself; to go in the water-atawan-verb base
beanbean(s); string bean(s)oyare’sa’noun
beaverbeaver pelt; dollaryändehwa’noun
beltwampum beltahchara’noun
birdbird (lit. it flies)yatie’particle
birdsbirds (lit. they fly)atitie’sparticle
blackblack (lit. it is dark like coal)yatsihenhstatsihsentence/phrase
blackberryblackberry, blackberriesshahiesparticle
blanketblanket; quilt; cloth; fabricyenkwara’noun
blueblue (lit. it is like the sky)yaronhia’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
bodyfor a person, animal or body to be a certain form or of a certain way, either externally or internally (one’s nature, one’s character or temperament, one’s morals, etc.)-ia’tou’ten- + PARTverb base
bodybody; living beingoa’ta’noun
bodyone body; one sole personskäa’tatparticle
bodyto be so many bodies; to be so many people or animalsiyäa’tayehparticle
bodyto be two bodies; to be two people or animalsteyäa’tayehparticle
boyyoung boy (lit. he is a young boy)honwe’tsenhti’ahsentence/phrase
breakfastI eat breakfast (lit. I eat a meal when the sun isn't completely up, i.e. the morning).Yatsa’tänionhk ahsonh o’rahwi’yeh.sentence/phrase
brothermy older brother (lit. he is brother to me)haye’yen’ahsentence/phrase
brothermy younger brother (lit. I am sibling to him)he’yen’ahahsentence/phrase
brownbrown (lit. it is like smoke)oushata’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
brushto brush one’s teeth-ate’skonhchiohare-verb base
brushBrush your teeth (2SG)!Sate’skonhchiohareh!sentence/phrase
brushI brush my teeth; I’m brushing my teeth.Yate’skonhchioharehk.sentence/phrase
butterbutter (lit. one spreads it on bread)yända’tarohkatha’particle
buyto buy or sell something; to want to buy something, to ask to purchase something, to buy something and consequently sell something else-atenhndinon-verb base
byegoodbye, byeönenhparticle
byeSee you later! (speaking to one person)Eskonyen’!sentence/phrase
byeSee you later! (speaking to two people)Eskiyen’!sentence/phrase
byeSee you later! (speaking to three or more people)Eskwayen’!sentence/phrase
canoecanoe, boatyahonwa’noun
celestialcelestial body, staryändicha’noun
centone cent (litt. one fish scale)skahwihstatparticle
centstwo cents (lit. two fish scales)teohwihstayehparticle
centsto be so many cents (when counting)ïohwihstayehparticle
cheesecheese (lit. spoiled milk)önonhrahchiakentihparticle
chestchest (of the body)o’ahchia’noun
chooseto choose something among a group; to take out something; to remove something from a group, from the rest-raw-verb base
chooseto choose someone or some animal among a group; to take out someone or some animal; to remove someone or some animal from a group, from the rest-ia’traw-verb base
clanto be of a certain clan-itiohkou’ten- + PARTverb base
cleanI clean the house (lit. I clean multiple things; I clean something on each side).Yeweyänonnionhk.sentence/phrase
closeto close the door; to imprison someone-nhoton-verb base
closeClose the door (2SG)!Sënhotonh!sentence/phrase
cloudyto be cloudy-ahtsi’ratay-verb base
clubwar club; knot (of a tree)otsihkwa’noun
coalcoal, gunpowderotsihenhsta’noun
coatcoat; riding coat (lit. one's body is covered)ayotia’torihparticle
coldto be cold weather-athor-verb base
coldto get cold (bodily and meteorologically)-athorat-verb base
colourcolour, pigment, dyeahsohkwa’noun
colourWhat colour is it?Ta’oht iwahsohkou’tenh?sentence/phrase
coloursto be a certain colour-ahsohkou’ten- + PARTverb base
countto be so many of something; for there to be so many in number; to be so many times-aye-/-ye- + PART/DUPLverb base
countto be so many people or animals; to be so many bodies-ia’taye- + PART/DUPLverb base
countto be so many things or matters-rihwaye- + PART/DUPLverb base
cranberrycranberry, cranberriesato’kha’particle
cucumbercucumber (lit. a pumpkin with a strong odor, either a good or bad odor)yahnionhchiayrasparticle
cupcup, glass (lit. dish that one uses to drink)yatsen’ de ayihra’tha’sentence/phrase
danceto dance-nraw-verb base
danceDance (2SG)!Sënrawah!sentence/phrase
dayfor the day to arrive; for it to be daytime-rhen’-/-rhenh-/-rhen’nd-verb base
dayfor the day’s weather to be a certain type or kind-entou’ten- + PARTverb base
dayday, daytimeenta’noun
dayevery dayha’tewéntayehparticle
dieto die; to be dying; to be gravely ill-iheon-/-ihe-verb base
dinnerI eat dinner (lit. I eat a meal when the sun lowers toward the horizon).Yatsa’tänionhk de yaratie’yeh.sentence/phrase
dishdish, plateyatsen’noun
doto do or perform a certain action; to do something in a certain way; to occupy oneself with some action, either of body or of mind; to treat someone well or poorly through words or actions; to treat oneself in a certain manner, either poorly or well -ier- + PARTverb base
doto do or perform a certain action, either of body or of mind-atier- + PARTverb base
dogdog (lit. it barks repeatedly)yäniennonhparticle
doingI’m doing well (lit. I’m in peace or I’m going in peace)Ahskennon’nia iye’s.sentence/phrase
dollarun dollar (lit. one beaver pelt)skändehwatparticle
dollarstwo dollars (lit. two beaver pelts)teyändehwayehparticle
dollarsto be so many dollars (when counting)iyändehwayehparticle
doordoor, entrywayyänhowa’noun
dressto get dressed, to prepare oneself, to adorn oneself-ahchondi-verb base
dressto adorn oneself, to dress up-atia’tahchondi-verb base
dressto dress or adorn someone; to paint someone’s body-ia’tahchondi-verb base
dressGet dressed (2SG)! Get yourself ready (2SG)!Sahchondiah!sentence/phrase
dressI get dressed, I get myself ready; I’m getting dressed, I’m getting myself ready.Yahchondiahk.sentence/phrase
drinkto drink something-ihr-/-ir-verb base
drinkI drink (some liquid); I'm drinking (some liquid).Iyirha’.sentence/phrase
eggegg(s); testicle(s)o’nhonhchia’noun
embroiderymoose hair embroidery (lit. it is crossed over many times)käahia’khon’particle
enterto enter, to arrive at some place-ion-verb base
enterEnter (2SG)!Tsonh!sentence/phrase
escapeto escape, to hide, to disappear (lit. to make one’s body get lost)-atia’tahton’t-verb base
falseit’s false, it’s not truete’yatoyenhparticle
familyfamily; litter (of an animal); brood or clutch (of a bird)yahwatsira’noun
fathermy father (lit. he is father to me)ha’isten’sentence/phrase
feverto have a fever (lit. for one’s body to be hot)-ia’ta’tariha’t-verb base
findFind it (2SG)!Sorenhah!sentence/phrase
finishto finish, end, conclude, or complete something-hchi’-/-hchia’-/-ihchi’-/-ihchia’-verb base
finishI finish (something); I'm finishing (something).Yehchi’ahch.sentence/phrase
flowerpumpkin floweratiaren’ta’noun
flowerflower; beerotsi’tsa’noun
fogfor there to be fog, for it to be foggy-shataen-/-shataent-verb base
fogfor there to be a thick, dense fog; for there to be a humid, wet fog (lit. to bring about frost) -hchienhrindeht-/-hchienhrindet-verb base
foodfood, mealyakhwa’noun
footfoot, feetohchi’ta’noun
forestforest, woods, the bushyarha’noun
foxred foxskenhchio’particle
friendsto be friends-atenro-verb base
frostfor there to be frost, ice-hchienhraen-/-hchienhraent-verb base
fruitfruit, berryyahihknoun
geeseCanada goose, Canada geeseyahonhkparticle
getGet up out of bed (2SG)!Sakenhk!sentence/phrase
get upto get up out of bed-akenh-verb base
girlyoung girl (lit. she is a young girl)yawi’tsinonha’sentence/phrase
giveto give something to someone-nonht-/-nonhten-verb base
giveGive it to me (2SG)!Tänonht!sentence/phrase
goto go out, to come out-iayenʼ-/-iayenh-/-iayenʼnd-verb base
goto go to the bathroom (lit. to be on one's way to go out)-iayenhch-/-iayenhchr-verb base
goGo out (2SG)!Tsayenhah!sentence/phrase
goGo to the bathroom (2SG)! (lit. Go and get out!)Tsayenhchah!sentence/phrase
goGo to bed (2SG)!Sarat!sentence/phrase
goGo to sleep (2SG)!Sentah!sentence/phrase
goI go to the bathroom; I'm going to the bathroom (lit. I'm going to go out).Yiayenhcheʼs.sentence/phrase
goI go outside; I'm going outside.Asteh yiayen’s.sentence/phrase
graygray (lit. it is like ash)o’yenhra’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
greengreen (lit. it is like grass)enrou’ta’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
hailto hail, sleet (lit. to throw hail, ice)-’ndehchionti-verb base
hairanimal hair, furoskwahra’noun
hairhair (on head)awe’rohchia’noun
halfhalf; middlechia’tewahchiennonhkparticle
hardto be hard, strong, firm, stable-hndiri-verb base
hathat, cap, bonnet, tuque, anything that covers the headönonhwarohcha’noun
hateto hate, detest something or someone; to have an aversion to or antipathy for something or someone-hskwahenh-/-hskwahen’nd-verb base
hateto hate someone’s voice-wendahskwahenh-/-wendahskwahen’nd-verb base
hateto hate a matter or thing-rihwahskwahenh-/-rihwahskwahen’nd-verb base
headdressWendat headdressoskwe’tra’noun
hearto hear; to hear someone speaking, talking or telling about something; to understand what someone is saying -ahronk-/-ahrony-verb base
hearto hear someone’s voice, to hear a person speak-wendahronk-/-wendahrony-verb base
hearto hear some news-rihwahronk-/-rihwahrony-verb base
hearto hear someone being named; to hear someone being spoken of-hchiendahronk-/-hchiendahrony-verb base
hearthhearth, fireplaceyatsenha’noun
heatto heat water-eya’tariha’t-verb base
heatto make oneself warm-atia’ta’tariha’t-verb base
heatto heat oneself in the sun-atrahkwa’tariha’t-verb base
helpto help someone; to give someone a hand-’ndiara’s-/-’ndiara’senni-verb base
helpto help one another, to help each other-atate’ndiara’s-/-atate’ndiara’senni-verb base
helpHelp me! (speaking to one person)Taye’ndiara’s!sentence/phrase
herehere, on this side; beforeyaro’particle
herehere, in this place; thiskha’particle
hihello, hikweparticle
hihello, hindioparticle
horsehorse (lit. it carries one on its back)ayohchiatenhkparticle
hotfor something to be hot-a’tarih-verb base
hotto be hot (weather); to be hot (person); to heat something-a’tariha’t-verb base
hourfor the bell to have rung so many times (to tell time)ïohwihsta’ehparticle
hourfor the bell to have rung twice (to tell time)teohwihsta’ehparticle
hourfor the bell to have rung once (to tell time)tsohwihsta’ehparticle
hourWhat time is it? (lit. How many times has the bell rung? How many times has the metal been hit?)Tho ïohwihsta’eh?sentence/phrase
househouse, cabinyänonhchia’noun
howHow are you (2SG) doing? (lit. are you in peace or are you going in peace?)Ahskennon’nia ihchie’s?sentence/phrase
howHow many are there? How many times?Tho iwayeh?sentence/phrase
hundredone hundredskwen’ndia’wehchatparticle
hundredone hundred (lit. fingers standing up, group of ten)en’niot iwahsenhsentence/phrase
hundredone hundredskat ha’tewen’ndia’wehsentence/phrase
hundredsto be so many hundreds moreiskwen’ndia’wehchare’particle
hurryto hurry up, to rush to leave, to do or say something-astorat-verb base
hurryHurry up (2SG)!Sastorat!sentence/phrase
hurryI hurry (habitually).Yastorats.sentence/phrase
informto inform oneself of something; to inform oneself about someone (e.g. to ask about someone’s health)-atahronton-verb base
informto inform oneself of something; to inform oneself about someone (e.g. to ask about someone’s health)-atahrontonhnd-/-atahrontonhn-verb base
juice(fruit) juiceaweyari’particle
kettlekettle, cauldron, large metal potyända’tsa’noun
knowto know how to do something; to have the necessary knowledge, ability, skill and the power to see to it until the end-ienhwi-verb base
lakelake, body of waterontara’noun
landland; world; countryonhwentsa’noun
languageI learn our language; I'm learning our language.Onywawenda’ yeienhwi’s.sentence/phrase
leafleaf (of a tree)yänrahta’noun
learnto learn how to do something; to execute a task after having learned how to do something-ienhwi’-/-ienhwih-/-ienhwi’nd-verb base
leaveto leave, to leave to go somewhere else, to advance along a path-arahskw-verb base
leaveto leave a path or trail; to deviate from one’s course; to move or turn away from a path; to take another route; to separate from one another on a path, each one taking a different way-atraw-verb base
leaveLeave (2SG)!Sarahskwah!sentence/phrase
leaveI leave; I'm leaving.Yarahskwahs.sentence/phrase
lieto lie down-arat-verb base
lieI lie down ; I'm lying down.Yarats.sentence/phrase
lightningfor there to be lightning, for lightning to flash, strike-endihwen’-/-endihwen’y- + DUPLverb base
liketo like something or someone, for something or someone to be pleasing or enjoyable, to approve of something, to be content or satisfied with something-on’weskwändi-/-on’weskwen-verb base
liketo be one like the other; for one and the other to be equal; to be similar-iht- + COIN & DUPLverb base
likeit’s like the other; it’s similar; it is such; it is soïohtihparticle
listento listen, to pay attention-atriho’tat-verb base
listenListen (2SG)!Satriho’tat!sentence/phrase
lookto look at, examine, or consider something or someone-aken’se-verb base
lookLook (2SG)!Sakahkwah!sentence/phrase
losefor something to get lost, get mislaid, get destroyed, get forgotten, disappear, dissipate, get erased, get abolished-ahton-verb base
loseto lose one’s way; to make a mistake-ia’tahton-verb base
loseto cause something to get lost, to cause something to disappear, to destroy or get rid of something-ahton’t-verb base
loseto lose something-ahtondi-/-ahton-verb base
loveto love someone or something-nonhwe’-/-nonhweh-/-nonhwe’nd-verb base
lunchI eat lunch (lit. I eat a meal when the sun is in the south, i.e. noon).Yatsa’tänionhk entiehk iyar.sentence/phrase
maketo make, construct, or create something-ondi-verb base
maketo make or prepare something, to make it ready, to arrange it, to put it in order, to adjust it, to settle it, to decorate it, to adorn it-hchondi-/-hchrondi-verb base
manyHow many things, matters are there?Tho iyarihwayeh?sentence/phrase
manyHow many people, animals, or bodies are there?Tho iyäa’tayeh?sentence/phrase
maplemaple treewahta’noun
maplemaple saporända’noun
matterfor a matter to be please someone; to consider a matter favorably; to be happy or satisfied with a matter or thing-rihon’weskwändi-/-rihon’weskwen-verb base
matterone sole thing; one sole matterskarihwatparticle
maybemaybe, apparentlyinde’cha’particle
mealto eat a meal, to have a meal-atsa’tänion-verb base
mealI cook a meal; I'm cooking a meal.Yekhondiahk.sentence/phrase
midnightmidnight (lit. the middle of the night)ahsonthenhkparticle
mildto be mild or temperate weather-ndënon-verb base
mindfor someone's’ mind, genius, humour or thoughts to please someone; to receive the thoughts of someone favorably; to be happy or satisfied with someone’s thoughts -’ndiyonhron’weskwändi-/-’ndiyonhron’weskwen-verb base
mindmind, thought(s)ya’ndiyonhra’noun
mistfor there to be a light fog or mist (lit. for fog or mist to fall)-shaten’-/-shatenh-/-shaten’nd-verb base
moonmoon (lit. the nighttime celestial body)wahsonta’yeh yändicha’sentence/phrase
moosemoose hairaoskway oskwahra’sentence/phrase
morningit's morning (lit. it is still nighttime)ahsonh o’rahwi’yehsentence/phrase
mothermy mother (lit. she is mother to me)änen’enhsentence/phrase
namefor someone’s name to be forgotten, lost-hchiendahton-verb base
nameWhat’s your name?Ta’ohten’ chiatsih?sentence/phrase
nameWhat’s his name?Ta’ohten’ häatsih?sentence/phrase
nameWhat’s her name? What’s its name? (speaking of an object or an animal)Ta’ohten’ yäatsih?sentence/phrase
nameMy name is _______._______ yiatsih.sentence/phrase
necklacenecklace, cordyarenhsa’noun
needleneedle; pinohchionwahta’noun
netnet, mesh (e.g. in snowshoes), woven bago’ara’noun
nightnight, nighttimeahsonta’noun
noonnoon (lit. the sun is in the south)entiehk iyarsentence/phrase
notI'm not happy; I'm not doing well.Te’wayakwahstih.sentence/phrase
numbersso many units more (when counting)iskare’particle
numberstwo units more (when counting)teskare’particle
numbersso many tens (when counting)iwahsenhparticle
numberstwo tens (when counting)tewahsenhparticle
numberswith iwahsenh , one hundred (lit. fingers standing up)en’niotparticle
oneone (number)skatparticle
oniononion, garlic, leekya’nonhknoun
opento open the door-nhotonw-verb base
openOpen the door (2SG)! (lit. Unclose the door!)Sënhotonwah!sentence/phrase
orangeorange (colour) (lit. it's like a pumpkin)ohnionhchia’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
outdoorsoutdoors; outsideastehparticle
paddlepaddle, oaryayawehcha’noun
palmthe palm of the hand; the inside of the handahtsa’noun
paperpaper, book, writingyahiatonhcha’noun
parsnipparsnip (lit. edible root with only one leaf)tsönrahtat outen’ra’sentence/phrase
partridgepartridge; henohkwesen’particle
pathpath, trailahaha’noun
pencilpencil, penyahiatonhkwa’noun
preferto prefer something over another, to put something ahead of others in one’s mind; to hold something in high esteem; to put something in first place or principal place-henteht-/-hentet-verb base
prepareto prepare one’s mind, to prepare mentally-aten’ndiyonhrahchondi-verb base
prepareto prepare what one will say, to prepare one’s speech or talk-akwendahchondi-verb base
prepareto prepare one’s matters or affairs, to make one’s affairs ready-atrihwahchondi-verb base
prepareto prepare someone’s mind, to get it ready-’ndiyonhrahchondi-verb base
purplepurple (lit. it is like a blueberry)ohenhtayet ïohtihsentence/phrase
quietto become quiet; to keep quiet (lit. to make one’s voice get lost) -akwendahton’t-verb base
quietBe quiet (2SG)! (lit. Lose your voice!)Sakwendahton’t!sentence/phrase
quillporcupine quill(s)otra’ta’noun
rainto rain-ondout-/-ondou-verb base
raspberryraspberry, raspberriesshängwa’tränen’sparticle
readRead it (2SG)! (lit. Travel through the book, paper or writing from one side to the other!)Sehiatonhchotrahk!sentence/phrase
redred (lit. it is like ocher)wenhta’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
regaliaregalia (lit. the things with which one adorns oneself, dresses up)ontatia’tahchondia’tha’sentence/phrase
repeatRepeat it (2SG)!Sasehnda’ndetenh!sentence/phrase
restto rest-arhon-verb base
restI rest (habitually).Yarhonhk.sentence/phrase
returnI return home; I'm returning home.Skionhk ekondaon’.sentence/phrase
riverriver, stream, water currentyahndawa’noun
rockrock, boulderyarënda’noun
rootedible rootouten’ra’noun
rowto row, paddle, swim, canoe-yawe-verb base
runto run, to flee, to run away from someone-arahtat-/-arahta- + DUPLverb base
runRun (2SG)!Tisarahtat!sentence/phrase
sandsand; hail; a granular substanceya’ndehchia’noun
sayto say something-aton-/-en-/-ihon-/-ihaon-verb base
saySay it (2SG)!Tsihonh!sentence/phrase
scalesfish scales; metal; bell; anything that shines like fish scalesohwihsta’noun
settleto settle, prepare a matter-rihwahchondi-verb base
settlefor a thing, matter to be concluded, settled, decided, emptied-rihwahrenhwi-verb base
singto sing-ias-/-iats-verb base
singSing (2SG)!Tsas!sentence/phrase
sistermy younger sister (lit. I am sibling to her)ye’yen’ahahsentence/phrase
sistermy older sister (lit. she is sister to me)aye’yen’ahsentence/phrase
sitto sit down, to place or put oneself somewhere-atien-verb base
sitSit down (2SG)!Satienh!sentence/phrase
skateto ice-skate; to skate around on ice-skates-ato’tsindeht-/-ato’tsindet- + DUPLverb base
skirtskirt; breechclothyen’khara’noun
sleepI fall asleep; I'm falling asleep.Ayita’s.sentence/phrase
smokesmoke, mist, fog, vapouroushata’ noun
snowto snow-ngwen’-/-ngwenh-/-ngwen’nd-verb base
soilsoil; mudya’ta’noun
speakto speak, to speak to someone-atati-verb base
speakto speak to someone on the telephone (lit. to make one's voice travel toward someone)-akwendotrahtändi-/-akwendotrahten-verb base
speakSpeak (2SG)!Satatiah!sentence/phrase
spoonspoon; ladleyaera’tnoun
springspring; springtimeyayenra’noun
squashsquash, bottleyashe’ta’noun
standStand up (2SG)!Tisetahah!sentence/phrase
stickstick, small logyaenta’noun
stillfor the body to be immobile, stopped, still, at rest-ia’tahrenhwi-verb base
stillfor the body to become immobile, stopped, still, at rest-ia’tahrenhwi’-/-ia’tahrenhwih-/-ia’tahrenhwi’nd-verb base
stopto stop (one’s body)-ia’taten-verb base
stopto be immobile, stopped, still, resting, stable; for a matter to be concluded, settled-hrenhwi-verb base
stopto become immobile, to make still, to stop, to fix in one place, to conclude, to determine -hrenhwi’-/-hrenhwih-/-hrenhwi’nd-verb base
stopStop (2SG)! (lit. Stop your body!)Säa’tatenh!sentence/phrase
strawberrystrawberry, strawberriestihchiontparticle
strongto be someone who is strong, robust, vigorous, in good health-ia’tahndiri-verb base
suchto be such a way; to be in such a manner; to be so-iht- + PARTverb base
sugarmaple sugar; brown sugarwahta’ otsikhe’ta’sentence/phrase
sunsun (lit. the daytime celestial body)wenta’yeh yändicha’sentence/phrase
sunlightrays of sunlight; sunshineyarahkwa’noun
sureto be a sure or stable thing; to be a concluded, decided, settled matter-rihwahndiri-verb base
swimSwim (2SG)! Row (2SG)!Seyaweh!sentence/phrase
syrupmaple syrup (lit. melted sugar)otsikhe’tändawanhparticle
taketo take one’s mind or one’s thoughts off something; to stop thinking about something-en’ndiyonhraraw-verb base
takeTake it (2SG)!Tisehk!sentence/phrase
talkto talk on the telephone (lit. to make one's voice travel)-akwendotraht-/-akwendotrat-verb base
talkI talk on the phone; I'm talking on the phone (lit. I make my voice travel; I'm making my voice travel).Yakwendotratha’.sentence/phrase
tensto be so many tens more (when counting)iskwahsenhchare’particle
tensto be two tens more (when counting)teskwahsenhchare’particle
thanksthank you, thankstiawenhkparticle
thatthat, that one, those onesnondae’particle
therethere, over there; how manythoparticle
thingthing, matteryarihwa’noun
thingto be so many things, mattersiyarihwayehparticle
thingto be two things, mattersteyarihwayehparticle
thisthis, this one, these oneskhondae’particle
thousandone thousand (lit. one wampum belt)skwahcharatparticle
thousandto be so many thousands (lit. to be so many wampum belts)iwahcharayehparticle
thousandto be two thousand (lit. to be two wampum belts)tewahcharayehparticle
thousandone thousand (lit. ten hundreds)ahsenh ha’tewen’ndia’wehsentence/phrase
thunderto thunder; for thunder to rumble; to make a loud, rumbling sound like thunder-nderondi-verb base
toothtooth, teethya’skonhchia’noun
treetoptreetop, branchyarenha’noun
trueit’s trueyatoyenhparticle
turnto turn one’s body; to turn around-atia’tatase-verb base
turnTurn around (2SG)!Satia’tataseh!sentence/phrase
turnipturnipotsihkwa’ outen’ra’sentence/phrase
typeto be a type of, a kind of, a sort of, a manner of some quality or thing-ou’ten- + PARTverb base
unclemy maternal uncle (lit. he is maternal uncle to me)hawatennonron’sentence/phrase
undressto undress oneself-ahchondiaw-verb base
undressUndress yourself (2SG)!Sahchondiawah!sentence/phrase
undressI undress myself; I'm getting undressed.Yahchondiawahs.sentence/phrase
useto use something to make or do something else-iera’t-verb base
vermilionvermilion, ocherwenhta’noun
voicevoice, word, language, promiseyawenda’noun
waketo wake up-ie-verb base
wakeWake up (2SG)!Tsehk!sentence/phrase
wakeI wake up; I'm waking up.Iyehs.sentence/phrase
walkI walk around.Iye’s.sentence/phrase
wantto want or desire something passionately-hndinon-verb base
washto wash (something)-ohare-verb base
washto wash one’s hands-akonhresohare-verb base
washto wash one’s hands; the wash the palms of one’s hands-ahtsohare-verb base
washto wash one’s face-akonhchiohare-verb base
washto wash oneself; to wash one’s body-atia’tohare-verb base
washto go wash (something)-oharehnd-/-oharehn-verb base
washWash your face (2SG)!Sakonhchiohareh!sentence/phrase
washTake a shower (2SG)! (lit. Wash your body!)Satia’tohareh!sentence/phrase
washWash your hands (2SG)!Sakonhresohareh!sentence/phrase
washI wash myself, I take showers; I’m washing myself, I’m taking a shower. Yatiaʼtoharehk.sentence/phrase
washI wash my face; I'm washing my face.Yakonhchioharehk.sentence/phrase
waterwater, liquidawen’noun
weatherto be good weather, for the weather to be beautiful; to have good weather while on the road or while doing something-wahst-verb base
wellI'm happy; I'm doing well.Ayakwahstih.sentence/phrase
whalewhale (lit. it has a grand, long life)tsonnhowänenhparticle
whatwhatta’oht / ta’ohten’particle
whitewhite (lit. it is like snow)öndinienhta’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
windto be windy, for there to be wind-ahkwat-/-ahkwa-verb base
windthe east wind (lit. the wind is from the side where the sun rises)kwatrahk on’wati’ etiohk8atsentence/phrase
windthe north wind (lit. the wind is from the side where it is cold)atho’yeh on’wati’ etiohkwatsentence/phrase
windthe south wind (lit. the wind is from the side where the weather is mild) öndënon’yeh on’wati’ etiohkwatsentence/phrase
winewine (lit. grape water)ohchahënda’ awen’sentence/phrase
winterwinter, wintertimeohcha’noun
withdrawto withdraw oneself from others; to leave, abandon or renounce a certain group or place-atia’traw-verb base
womanyoung woman (lit. she is a young woman)yawinonhsentence/phrase
woodchuckwoodchuck, whistlerounda’yenhtparticle
wordsfor someone’s voice, words or orders to please someone; to receive the words of someone favorably; to be happy or satisfied with someone’s words -wennon’weskwändi-/-wennon’weskwen-verb base
workI work; I'm working (lit. I am occupied with some task).Aye’niänihtändihk.sentence/phrase
writeto write; to mark something-hiaton-verb base
writeWrite (2SG)! Write it down (2SG)!Sehiatonh!sentence/phrase
writeI write; I'm writing.Yehiatonhk.sentence/phrase
yellowyellow (lit. it is like a pumpkin flower)atiaren’ta’ ïohtihsentence/phrase
yesyes, OKhaó’particle