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ahaha’nounpath, trail
ahchara’nounwampum belt
-ahchondi-verb baseto get dressed, to prepare oneself, to adorn oneself
-ahchondiaw-verb baseto undress oneself
-ahkwat-/-ahkwa-verb baseto be windy, for there to be wind
-ahronk-/-ahrony-verb baseto hear; to hear someone speaking, talking or telling about something; to understand what someone is saying
-ahronton-verb baseto ask someone a question, to question someone
ahsenh ha’tewen’ndia’wehsentence/phraseone thousand (lit. ten hundreds)
Ahskennon’nia ihchie’s?sentence/phraseHow are you (2SG) doing? (lit. are you in peace or are you going in peace?)
Ahskennon’nia iye’s.sentence/phraseI’m doing well (lit. I’m in peace or I’m going in peace)
-ahsohkou’ten- + PARTverb baseto be a certain colour
ahsohkwa’nouncolour, pigment, dye
ahsonh o’rahwi’yehsentence/phraseit's morning (lit. it is still nighttime)
ahsonta’nounnight, nighttime
ahsonthenhkparticlemidnight (lit. the middle of the night)
-ahtsohare-verb baseto wash one’s hands; the wash the palms of one’s hands
-ahton-verb basefor something to get lost, get mislaid, get destroyed, get forgotten, disappear, dissipate, get erased, get abolished
-ahtondi-/-ahton-verb baseto lose something
-ahton’t-verb baseto cause something to get lost, to cause something to disappear, to destroy or get rid of something
ahtsa’nounthe palm of the hand; the inside of the hand
-ahtsi’ratay-verb baseto be cloudy
-akenh-verb baseto get up out of bed
-aken’se-verb baseto look at, examine, or consider something or someone
-akonhchiohare-verb baseto wash one’s face
-akonhresohare-verb baseto wash one’s hands
-akwendahchondi-verb baseto prepare what one will say, to prepare one’s speech or talk
-akwendahton’t-verb baseto become quiet; to keep quiet (lit. to make one’s voice get lost)
-akwendotraht-/-akwendotrat-verb baseto talk on the telephone (lit. to make one's voice travel)
-akwendotrahtändi-/-akwendotrahten-verb baseto speak to someone on the telephone (lit. to make one's voice travel toward someone)
änen’enhsentence/phrasemy mother (lit. she is mother to me)
aoskway oskwahra’sentence/phrasemoose hair
-arahskw-verb baseto leave, to leave to go somewhere else, to advance along a path
-arahtat-/-arahta- + DUPLverb baseto run, to flee, to run away from someone
-arat-verb baseto lie down
-arhon-verb baseto rest
astehparticleoutdoors; outside
Asteh yiayen’s.sentence/phraseI go outside; I'm going outside.
-astorat-verb baseto hurry up, to rush to leave, to do or say something
-atahronton-verb baseto inform oneself of something; to inform oneself about someone (e.g. to ask about someone’s health)
-atahrontonhnd-/-atahrontonhn-verb baseto inform oneself of something; to inform oneself about someone (e.g. to ask about someone’s health)
-atate’ndiara’s-/-atate’ndiara’senni-verb baseto help one another, to help each other
-atati-verb baseto speak, to speak to someone
-atawan-verb baseto take a bath, to bathe oneself; to go in the water
-atehchienht-/-atehchient-verb baseto be bad weather
-ate’skonhchiohare-verb baseto brush one’s teeth
-atenhndinon-verb baseto buy or sell something; to want to buy something, to ask to purchase something, to buy something and consequently sell something else
-atenro-verb baseto be friends
-aten’ndiyonhrahchondi-verb baseto prepare one’s mind, to prepare mentally
-athor-verb baseto be cold weather
-athorat-verb baseto get cold (bodily and meteorologically)
atho’yeh on’wati’ etiohkwatsentence/phrasethe north wind (lit. the wind is from the side where it is cold)
atiaren’ta’nounpumpkin flower
atiaren’ta’ ïohtihsentence/phraseyellow (lit. it is like a pumpkin flower)
-atia’tahchondi-verb baseto adorn oneself, to dress up
-atia’tahton’t-verb baseto escape, to hide, to disappear (lit. to make one’s body get lost)
-atia’tatase-verb baseto turn one’s body; to turn around
-atia’ta’tariha’t-verb baseto make oneself warm
-atia’tohare-verb baseto wash oneself; to wash one’s body
-atia’traw-verb baseto withdraw oneself from others; to leave, abandon or renounce a certain group or place
-atier- + PARTverb baseto do or perform a certain action, either of body or of mind
-atien-verb baseto sit down, to place or put oneself somewhere
atïio’particlewild animals (lit. they are killed)
atishënen’ahparticledomesticated animals (lit. they are domesticated animals)
atitie’sparticlebirds (lit. they fly)
atoyen’nounax, hatchet
ato’kha’particlecranberry, cranberries
-ato’tsindeht-/-ato’tsindet- + DUPLverb baseto ice-skate; to skate around on ice-skates
-aton-/-en-/-ihon-/-ihaon-verb baseto say something
-atrahkwa’tariha’t-verb baseto heat oneself in the sun
-atraw-verb baseto leave a path or trail; to deviate from one’s course; to move or turn away from a path; to take another route; to separate from one another on a path, each one taking a different way
-atriho’t-verb baseto be attentive
-atriho’tat-verb baseto listen, to pay attention
-atrihwahchondi-verb baseto prepare one’s matters or affairs, to make one’s affairs ready
-atsa’tänion-verb baseto eat a meal, to have a meal
aweyari’particle(fruit) juice
awe’rohchia’nounhair (on head)
awen’nounwater, liquid
Ayakwahstih.sentence/phraseI'm happy; I'm doing well.
-aye-/-ye- + PART/DUPLverb baseto be so many of something; for there to be so many in number; to be so many times
Aye’niänihtändihk.sentence/phraseI work; I'm working (lit. I am occupied with some task).
aye’yen’ahsentence/phrasemy older sister (lit. she is sister to me)
Ayita’s.sentence/phraseI fall asleep; I'm falling asleep.
ayohchiatenhkparticlehorse (lit. it carries one on its back)
ayotia’torihparticlecoat; riding coat (lit. one's body is covered)
ayrahahksentence/phrasemy paternal aunt (lit. she is paternal aunt to me)
-a’tarih-verb basefor something to be hot
-a’tariha’t-verb baseto be hot (weather); to be hot (person); to heat something
chia’tewahchiennonhkparticlehalf; middle
de awehskwahksentence/phraseafter, behind; from now on, from then on
Eskiyen’!sentence/phraseSee you later! (speaking to two people)
Eskonyen’!sentence/phraseSee you later! (speaking to one person)
Eskwayen’!sentence/phraseSee you later! (speaking to three or more people)
-eya’tariha’t-verb baseto heat water
-endihwen’-/-endihwen’y- + DUPLverb basefor there to be lightning, for lightning to flash, strike
enrou’ta’ ïohtihsentence/phrasegreen (lit. it is like grass)
enta’nounday, daytime
entiehk iyarsentence/phrasenoon (lit. the sun is in the south)
-entou’ten- + PARTverb basefor the day’s weather to be a certain type or kind
-en’ndiyonhraraw-verb baseto take one’s mind or one’s thoughts off something; to stop thinking about something
en’niotparticlewith iwahsenh , one hundred (lit. fingers standing up)
en’niot iwahsenhsentence/phraseone hundred (lit. fingers standing up, group of ten)
haó’particleyes, OK
hawatennonron’sentence/phrasemy maternal uncle (lit. he is maternal uncle to me)
haye’yen’ahsentence/phrasemy older brother (lit. he is brother to me)
ha’isten’sentence/phrasemy father (lit. he is father to me)
ha’tewéntayehparticleevery day
-hchiendahton-verb basefor someone’s name to be forgotten, lost
-hchienhraen-/-hchienhraent-verb basefor there to be frost, ice
-hchienhrindeht-/-hchienhrindet-verb basefor there to be a thick, dense fog; for there to be a humid, wet fog (lit. to bring about frost)
-hchiendahronk-/-hchiendahrony-verb baseto hear someone being named; to hear someone being spoken of
-hchi’-/-hchia’-/-ihchi’-/-ihchia’-verb baseto finish, end, conclude, or complete something
-hchondi-/-hchrondi-verb baseto make or prepare something, to make it ready, to arrange it, to put it in order, to adjust it, to settle it, to decorate it, to adorn it
he’yen’ahahsentence/phrasemy younger brother (lit. I am sibling to him)
-hent-/-hente-verb baseto go ahead, to lead, to go first
-henteht-/-hentet-verb baseto prefer something over another, to put something ahead of others in one’s mind; to hold something in high esteem; to put something in first place or principal place
-hiaton-verb baseto write; to mark something
-hndinon-verb baseto want or desire something passionately
-hndiri-verb baseto be hard, strong, firm, stable
honwe’tsenhti’ahsentence/phraseyoung boy (lit. he is a young boy)
-hrenhwi-verb baseto be immobile, stopped, still, resting, stable; for a matter to be concluded, settled
-hrenhwi’-/-hrenhwih-/-hrenhwi’nd-verb baseto become immobile, to make still, to stop, to fix in one place, to conclude, to determine
-hskwahenh-/-hskwahen’nd-verb baseto hate, detest something or someone; to have an aversion to or antipathy for something or someone
-ias-/-iats-verb baseto sing
-iayenhch-/-iayenhchr-verb baseto go to the bathroom (lit. to be on one's way to go out)
-iayenʼ-/-iayenh-/-iayenʼnd-verb baseto go out, to come out
-ia’tahchondi-verb baseto dress or adorn someone; to paint someone’s body
-ia’tahndiri-verb baseto be someone who is strong, robust, vigorous, in good health
-ia’tahrenhwi-verb basefor the body to be immobile, stopped, still, at rest
-ia’tahrenhwi’-/-ia’tahrenhwih-/-ia’tahrenhwi’nd-verb basefor the body to become immobile, stopped, still, at rest
-ia’tahton-verb baseto lose one’s way; to make a mistake
-ia’taten-verb baseto stop (one’s body)
-ia’taye- + PART/DUPLverb baseto be so many people or animals; to be so many bodies
-ia’ta’tariha’t-verb baseto have a fever (lit. for one’s body to be hot)
-ia’tou’ten- + PARTverb basefor a person, animal or body to be a certain form or of a certain way, either externally or internally (one’s nature, one’s character or temperament, one’s morals, etc.)
-ia’traw-verb baseto choose someone or some animal among a group; to take out someone or some animal; to remove someone or some animal from a group, from the rest
-ie-verb baseto wake up
-ier- + PARTverb baseto do or perform a certain action; to do something in a certain way; to occupy oneself with some action, either of body or of mind; to treat someone well or poorly through words or actions; to treat oneself in a certain manner, either poorly or well
-iera’t-verb baseto use something to make or do something else
-ienhwi-verb baseto know how to do something; to have the necessary knowledge, ability, skill and the power to see to it until the end
-ienhwi’-/-ienhwih-/-ienhwi’nd-verb baseto learn how to do something; to execute a task after having learned how to do something
-iheon-/-ihe-verb baseto die; to be dying; to be gravely ill
-ihr-/-ir-verb baseto drink something
-iht- + PARTverb baseto be such a way; to be in such a manner; to be so
-iht- + COIN & DUPLverb baseto be one like the other; for one and the other to be equal; to be similar
inde’cha’particlemaybe, apparently
ïohtihparticleit’s like the other; it’s similar; it is such; it is so
ïohwihstayehparticleto be so many cents (when counting)
ïohwihsta’ehparticlefor the bell to have rung so many times (to tell time)
-ion-verb baseto enter, to arrive at some place
iskare’particleso many units more (when counting)
iskwahsenhchare’particleto be so many tens more (when counting)
iskwen’ndia’wehchare’particleto be so many hundreds more
-itiohkou’ten- + PARTverb baseto be of a certain clan
iwahcharayehparticleto be so many thousands (lit. to be so many wampum belts)
iwahsenhparticleso many tens (when counting)
iyäa’tayehparticleto be so many bodies; to be so many people or animals
iyändehwayehparticleto be so many dollars (when counting)
iyarihwayehparticleto be so many things, matters
Iyehs.sentence/phraseI wake up; I'm waking up.
Iye’s.sentence/phraseI walk around.
Iyionhk ekw aye ’n iänihtändihkeh.sentence/phraseI arrive at the place I work.
Iyirha’.sentence/phraseI drink (some liquid); I'm drinking (some liquid).
käahia’khon’particlemoose hair embroidery (lit. it is crossed over many times)
kha’particlehere, in this place; this
khondae’particlethis, this one, these ones
kweparticlehello, hi
-ndënon-verb baseto be mild or temperate weather
-nderondi-verb baseto thunder; for thunder to rumble; to make a loud, rumbling sound like thunder
ndioparticlehello, hi
-ngwen’-/-ngwenh-/-ngwen’nd-verb baseto snow
-nhoton-verb baseto close the door; to imprison someone
-nhotonw-verb baseto open the door
nondae’particlethat, that one, those ones
-nonht-/-nonhten-verb baseto give something to someone
-nonhwe’-/-nonhweh-/-nonhwe’nd-verb baseto love someone or something
-nraw-verb baseto dance
oa’ta’nounbody; living being
-ohare-verb baseto wash (something)
-oharehnd-/-oharehn-verb baseto go wash (something)
ohchahënda’ awen’sentence/phrasewine (lit. grape water)
ohcha’nounwinter, wintertime
ohchionwahta’nounneedle; pin
ohchi’ta’nounfoot, feet
ohenhtayet ïohtihsentence/phrasepurple (lit. it is like a blueberry)
ohkwesen’particlepartridge; hen
ohnionhchia’ ïohtihsentence/phraseorange (colour) (lit. it's like a pumpkin)
ohwihsta’nounfish scales; metal; bell; anything that shines like fish scales
öndënon’yeh on’wati’ etiohkwatsentence/phrasethe south wind (lit. the wind is from the side where the weather is mild)
öndinienhta’ ïohtihsentence/phrasewhite (lit. it is like snow)
önenhparticlegoodbye, bye
önonhrahchiakentihparticlecheese (lit. spoiled milk)
önonhwarohcha’nounhat, cap, bonnet, tuque, anything that covers the head
orända’nounmaple sap
oskwahra’nounanimal hair, fur
oskwe’tra’nounWendat headdress
otra’ta’nounporcupine quill(s)
otsihenhsta’nouncoal, gunpowder
otsihkwa’nounwar club; knot (of a tree)
otsihkwa’ outen’ra’sentence/phraseturnip
otsikhe’tändawanhparticlemaple syrup (lit. melted sugar)
otsi’tsa’nounflower; beer
ounda’yenhtparticlewoodchuck, whistler
oushata’ nounsmoke, mist, fog, vapour
oushata’ ïohtihsentence/phrasebrown (lit. it is like smoke)
outen’ra’nounedible root
-ou’ten- + PARTverb baseto be a type of, a kind of, a sort of, a manner of some quality or thing
oyare’sa’nounbean(s); string bean(s)
o’ahchia’nounchest (of the body)
o’ara’nounnet, mesh (e.g. in snowshoes), woven bag
o’nhonhchia’nounegg(s); testicle(s)
o’yenhra’ ïohtihsentence/phrasegray (lit. it is like ash)
-ondi-verb baseto make, construct, or create something
-ondout-/-ondou-verb baseto rain
onhwentsa’nounland; world; country
ontara’nounlake, body of water
ontatia’tahchondia’tha’sentence/phraseregalia (lit. the things with which one adorns oneself, dresses up)
Onywawenda’ yeienhwi’s.sentence/phraseI learn our language; I'm learning our language.
-on’weskwändi-/-on’weskwen-verb baseto like something or someone, for something or someone to be pleasing or enjoyable, to approve of something, to be content or satisfied with something
kwatrahk on’wati’ etiohk8atsentence/phrasethe east wind (lit. the wind is from the side where the sun rises)
-raw-verb baseto choose something among a group; to take out something; to remove something from a group, from the rest
-rhen’-/-rhenh-/-rhen’nd-verb basefor the day to arrive; for it to be daytime
-rihon’weskwändi-/-rihon’weskwen-verb basefor a matter to be please someone; to consider a matter favorably; to be happy or satisfied with a matter or thing
-rihwahchondi-verb baseto settle, prepare a matter
-rihwahndiri-verb baseto be a sure or stable thing; to be a concluded, decided, settled matter
-rihwahrenhwi-verb basefor a thing, matter to be concluded, settled, decided, emptied
-rihwahronk-/-rihwahrony-verb baseto hear some news
-rihwahskwahenh-/-rihwahskwahen’nd-verb baseto hate a matter or thing
-rihwaraw-verb baseto approve something; to remark something in particular; to reflect on something; to pay attention to something in particular
-rihwaye- + PART/DUPLverb baseto be so many things or matters
Säa’tatenh!sentence/phraseStop (2SG)! (lit. Stop your body!)
Sahchondiah!sentence/phraseGet dressed (2SG)! Get yourself ready (2SG)!
Sahchondiawah!sentence/phraseUndress yourself (2SG)!
Sakahkwah!sentence/phraseLook (2SG)!
Sakenhk!sentence/phraseGet up out of bed (2SG)!
Sakonhchiohareh!sentence/phraseWash your face (2SG)!
Sakonhresohareh!sentence/phraseWash your hands (2SG)!
Sakwendahton’t!sentence/phraseBe quiet (2SG)! (lit. Lose your voice!)
Sarahskwah!sentence/phraseLeave (2SG)!
Sarat!sentence/phraseGo to bed (2SG)!
Sasehnda’ndetenh!sentence/phraseRepeat it (2SG)!
Sastorat!sentence/phraseHurry up (2SG)!
Satatiah!sentence/phraseSpeak (2SG)!
Sate’skonhchiohareh!sentence/phraseBrush your teeth (2SG)!
Satia’tataseh!sentence/phraseTurn around (2SG)!
Satia’tohareh!sentence/phraseTake a shower (2SG)! (lit. Wash your body!)
Satienh!sentence/phraseSit down (2SG)!
Satriho’tat!sentence/phraseListen (2SG)!
Sehiatonh!sentence/phraseWrite (2SG)! Write it down (2SG)!
Sehiatonhchotrahk!sentence/phraseRead it (2SG)! (lit. Travel through the book, paper or writing from one side to the other!)
Sënhotonh!sentence/phraseClose the door (2SG)!
Sënhotonwah!sentence/phraseOpen the door (2SG)! (lit. Unclose the door!)
Sënrawah!sentence/phraseDance (2SG)!
Seyaweh!sentence/phraseSwim (2SG)! Row (2SG)!
Sentah!sentence/phraseGo to sleep (2SG)!
shahiesparticleblackberry, blackberries
shängwa’tränen’sparticleraspberry, raspberries
-shataen-/-shataent-verb basefor there to be fog, for it to be foggy
-shaten’-/-shatenh-/-shaten’nd-verb basefor there to be a light fog or mist (lit. for fog or mist to fall)
skäa’tatparticleone body; one sole person
skahwihstatparticleone cent (litt. one fish scale)
skändehwatparticleun dollar (lit. one beaver pelt)
skarihwatparticleone sole thing; one sole matter
skatparticleone (number)
skat ha’tewen’ndia’wehsentence/phraseone hundred
skenhchio’particlered fox
Skionhk ekondaon’.sentence/phraseI return home; I'm returning home.
skwahcharatparticleone thousand (lit. one wampum belt)
skwen’ndia’wehchatparticleone hundred
Sorenhah!sentence/phraseFind it (2SG)!
Tänonht!sentence/phraseGive it to me (2SG)!
Taye’ndiara’s!sentence/phraseHelp me! (speaking to one person)
ta’oht / ta’ohten’particlewhat
Ta’oht iwahsohkou’tenh?sentence/phraseWhat colour is it?
Ta’ohten’ chiatsih?sentence/phraseWhat’s your name?
Ta’ohten’ häatsih?sentence/phraseWhat’s his name?
Ta’ohten’ yäatsih?sentence/phraseWhat’s her name? What’s its name? (speaking of an object or an animal)
teohwihstayehparticletwo cents (lit. two fish scales)
teohwihsta’ehparticlefor the bell to have rung twice (to tell time)
teskare’particletwo units more (when counting)
teskwahsenhchare’particleto be two tens more (when counting)
tewahcharayehparticleto be two thousand (lit. to be two wampum belts)
tewahsenhparticletwo tens (when counting)
teyäa’tayehparticleto be two bodies; to be two people or animals
teyändehwayehparticletwo dollars (lit. two beaver pelts)
teyarihwayehparticleto be two things, matters
Te’wayakwahstih.sentence/phraseI'm not happy; I'm not doing well.
te’yatoyenhparticleit’s false, it’s not true
thoparticlethere, over there; how many
Tho ïohwihsta’eh?sentence/phraseWhat time is it? (lit. How many times has the bell rung? How many times has the metal been hit?)
Tho iwayeh?sentence/phraseHow many are there? How many times?
Tho iyäa’tayeh?sentence/phraseHow many people, animals, or bodies are there?
Tho iyarihwayeh?sentence/phraseHow many things, matters are there?
tiawenhkparticlethank you, thanks
tihchiontparticlestrawberry, strawberries
Tisarahtat!sentence/phraseRun (2SG)!
Tisehk!sentence/phraseTake it (2SG)!
Tisetahah!sentence/phraseStand up (2SG)!
Tsas!sentence/phraseSing (2SG)!
Tsayenhah!sentence/phraseGo out (2SG)!
Tsayenhchah!sentence/phraseGo to the bathroom (2SG)! (lit. Go and get out!)
Tsehk!sentence/phraseWake up (2SG)!
Tsihonh!sentence/phraseSay it (2SG)!
tsohiowänenhparticleapple(s) (lit. a big fruit)
tsohwihsta’ehparticlefor the bell to have rung once (to tell time)
tsönrahtat outen’ra’sentence/phraseparsnip (lit. edible root with only one leaf)
Tsonh!sentence/phraseEnter (2SG)!
tsonnhowänenhparticlewhale (lit. it has a grand, long life)
wahsonta’yeh yändicha’sentence/phrasemoon (lit. the nighttime celestial body)
-wahst-verb baseto be good weather, for the weather to be beautiful; to have good weather while on the road or while doing something
wahta’nounmaple tree
wahta’ otsikhe’ta’sentence/phrasemaple sugar; brown sugar
wa’ thosentence/phraseagain, one more time
-wendahronk-/-wendahrony-verb baseto hear someone’s voice, to hear a person speak
-wendahskwahenh-/-wendahskwahen’nd-verb baseto hate someone’s voice
wenhta’nounvermilion, ocher
wenhta’ ïohtihsentence/phrasered (lit. it is like ocher)
-wennon’weskwändi-/-wennon’weskwen-verb basefor someone’s voice, words or orders to please someone; to receive the words of someone favorably; to be happy or satisfied with someone’s words
wenta’yeh yändicha’sentence/phrasesun (lit. the daytime celestial body)
yaera’tnounspoon; ladle
yaenta’nounstick, small log
Yahchondiawahs.sentence/phraseI undress myself; I'm getting undressed.
Yahchondiahk.sentence/phraseI get dressed, I get myself ready; I’m getting dressed, I’m getting myself ready.
yahiatonhcha’nounpaper, book, writing
yahiatonhkwa’nounpencil, pen
yahihknounfruit, berry
yahndawa’nounriver, stream, water current
yahnionhchiayrasparticlecucumber (lit. a pumpkin with a strong odor, either a good or bad odor)
yahonhkparticleCanada goose, Canada geese
yahonwa’nouncanoe, boat
yahwatsira’nounfamily; litter (of an animal); brood or clutch (of a bird)
yaio’particlewild animal (lit. it is killed)
yakhwa’nounfood, meal
Yakonhchioharehk.sentence/phraseI wash my face; I'm washing my face.
Yakwendotratha’.sentence/phraseI talk on the phone; I'm talking on the phone (lit. I make my voice travel; I'm making my voice travel).
yända’tarohkatha’particlebutter (lit. one spreads it on bread)
yända’tsa’nounkettle, cauldron, large metal pot
yändehwa’nounbeaver pelt; dollar
yändicha’nouncelestial body, star
yänenda’yehparticleautumn, fall
yänhowa’noundoor, entryway
yäniennonhparticledog (lit. it barks repeatedly)
yänonhchia’nounhouse, cabin
yänrahta’nounleaf (of a tree)
yarahkwa’nounrays of sunlight; sunshine
Yarahskwahs.sentence/phraseI leave; I'm leaving.
Yarats.sentence/phraseI lie down ; I'm lying down.
yarënda’nounrock, boulder
yarenha’nountreetop, branch
yarenhsa’nounnecklace, cord
yarha’nounforest, woods, the bush
Yarhonhk.sentence/phraseI rest (habitually).
yarihwa’nounthing, matter
yaro’particlehere, on this side; before
yaronhia’ ïohtihsentence/phraseblue (lit. it is like the sky)
yashënen’ahparticlepet; domesticated animal (lit. it is a domesticated animal)
yashe’ta’nounsquash, bottle
Yastorats.sentence/phraseI hurry (habitually).
Yate’skonhchioharehk.sentence/phraseI brush my teeth; I’m brushing my teeth.
Yatiaʼtoharehk.sentence/phraseI wash myself, I take showers; I’m washing myself, I’m taking a shower.
yatie’particlebird (lit. it flies)
yatoyenhparticleit’s true
Yatsa’tänionhk ahsonh o’rahwi’yeh.sentence/phraseI eat breakfast (lit. I eat a meal when the sun isn't completely up, i.e. the morning).
Yatsa’tänionhk de yaratie’yeh.sentence/phraseI eat dinner (lit. I eat a meal when the sun lowers toward the horizon).
Yatsa’tänionhk entiehk iyar.sentence/phraseI eat lunch (lit. I eat a meal when the sun is in the south, i.e. noon).
yatsenha’nounhearth, fireplace
yatsen’noundish, plate
yatsen’ de ayihra’tha’sentence/phrasecup, glass (lit. dish that one uses to drink)
yatsihenhstatsihsentence/phraseblack (lit. it is dark like coal)
-yawe-verb baseto row, paddle, swim, canoe
yawenda’nounvoice, word, language, promise
yawinonhsentence/phraseyoung woman (lit. she is a young woman)
yawi’tsinonha’sentence/phraseyoung girl (lit. she is a young girl)
yayawehcha’nounpaddle, oar
yayenra’nounspring; springtime
ya’ndahkwa’nounbarrel, drum
ya’ndehchia’nounsand; hail; a granular substance
ya’ndiyonhra’nounmind, thought(s)
ya’nonhknounonion, garlic, leek
ya’skonhchia’nountooth, teeth
ya’ta’nounsoil; mud
Yehchi’ahch.sentence/phraseI finish (something); I'm finishing (something).
Yehiatonhk.sentence/phraseI write; I'm writing.
Yekhondiahk.sentence/phraseI cook a meal; I'm cooking a meal.
Yeweyänonnionhk.sentence/phraseI clean the house (lit. I clean multiple things; I clean something on each side).
ye’yen’ahahsentence/phrasemy younger sister (lit. I am sibling to her)
yenkwara’nounblanket; quilt; cloth; fabric
yen’khara’nounskirt; breechcloth
_______ yiatsih.sentence/phraseMy name is _______.
Yiayenhcheʼs.sentence/phraseI go to the bathroom; I'm going to the bathroom (lit. I'm going to go out).
-’ndehchionti-verb baseto hail, sleet (lit. to throw hail, ice)
-’ndiara’s-/-’ndiara’senni-verb baseto help someone; to give someone a hand
-’ndiyonhrahchondi-verb baseto prepare someone’s mind, to get it ready
-’ndiyonhron’weskwändi-/-’ndiyonhron’weskwen-verb basefor someone's’ mind, genius, humour or thoughts to please someone; to receive the thoughts of someone favorably; to be happy or satisfied with someone’s thoughts